Move of the week: how to wake up a lazy butt

This exercise has got to be one of the most uncomfortable. My goodness, though, it does incredible things for your glutes, core and shoulders – all of which may have suffered from long periods of less-than-ideal working from home conditions. If you’ve got weak glutes, you will really feel this one. Just make sure you don’t collapse on to the supporting shoulder; keep your core tight and avoid bending your back.

a) Lie on your right side, with knees bent and stacked, feet in line with hips.

b) Driving your right elbow, knee and foot into the floor, lift your hip and use your left arm to pull your left knee up, opening your legs at the same time.

c) Slowly lower the hips back down, bring your knees together. Do three sets of 10-25 movements (this one really burns). Repeat both sides.